Investment Philosophy

We value simple and stable vs. complicated and volatile.

We believe in avoiding fads and complicated investments and focus on helping clients feel peace of mind by knowing that we are taking care of their financial position regardless of market conditions.

Management by Objective

Harbour Investment Management believes in managing by investment objective. We start by identifying the overarching investment objective based on the general investment timeline and risk-tolerance principles. Then we custom tailor each portfolio to uniquely align with each client’s personal financial needs and goals.

Stock Selection

Harbour Investment Management diversifies portfolios by both economic sector and by the individual company. We focus on companies with high-quality balance sheets, solid track records of earnings growth and attractive valuations.

Buying/Selling Stocks

We do not believe in trying to “time” the stock market. We believe in a buy-and-hold strategy that minimizes stock turnover in the account. Once a stock is owned, we continue to monitor it for any changes, and typically only sell a stock when:
  • The stock appears to be over-valued by the equity markets; or
  • The underlying fundamentals have deteriorated.

By avoiding excessive trading and using discount brokers and custodial accounts we work to keep transaction costs to a minimum.

Bond Selection

We invest in high credit quality bonds and bond funds, and diversify amongst issuers. Depending upon each client’s tax bracket, we may also include municipal bonds where appropriate.